Saturday, December 1, 2012

But It's Like This Now

I don't really have the time to toodle around at my blog,
but I can't stand to leave the messy picture
below at the top of the page.
This isn't a particularly fetching photo,
but it does show a cleaner house!
I cleaned my kitchen that very afternoon,
and now my house looks like this again.
I was sitting in my rocking chair,
taking a break and listening to Nat King Cole
(can you tell he's my favorite?),
and the camera was beside me,
so I snapped a photo of my cleanish little abode.

Oh, hey. See that book on the couch?
I am eating my words.
Recently I said here that I think I prefer
Elizabeth David to MFK Fisher.
Well, I now retract that statement.
Instead, I’ll say that I like them both very well,
for different reasons.
David writes nice prose,
which is what makes a cookbook nice, I think,
but her focus is mainly on the act of cooking
and how to use different foods in the Mediterranean way.
Her books are nice to read.

But I randomly grabbed Fisher's Bold Knife and Fork
off the shelf today,
opened the book to an essay about eggs
(which happened to be coincidental
with what I have been thinking lately
about why I am willing to spend $6
on a dozen truly free range, truly organic eggs).
And MFK Fisher's writing won me over again.
Her books are the reverse David’s.
Fisher writes light-hearted,
philosophical contemplations about food,
but she also offers recipes,
and I can’t say I prefer any food writing more than this!
So Bold Knife and Fork goes back on my nightstand once again.

Other good cookery writers?
Laurie Colwin, Nigel Slater, Alford and Duguid,
and a bunch of others.
Do you read cookbooks for fun, too?

Be back soon--I'm in the throes of finals!


  1. Yes, I love to read a good cookbook. I have Laurie Colwin, and just started "Sweet Life in Paris" by David Lebowitz. I think his is part Moving to Paris memoir, but that is also fun!

    In my Kindle is "An Everlasting Meal" by Tamar Adler. I hope to start it soon.

    I love your little abode :-) Seeing the apple green table peeking around the corner makes me smile.

    1. Hey, Susan, let me know how you like Sweet Life. . . I've thought about reading that. I read lots of memoirs and other books about food writers. I haven't read Laurie Colwin in awhile. Should look at her again. :-)

  2. I liked both photos of your home because even in the so-called mess, there was interest and vibrance. I liked seeing the row of books against the window in your kitchen and then seeing the fabrics and books from your living room. Our home is little compared to most families around us, but as I have learned in the five+ years living here with three young children, it forces me to keep only things we truly need and like best. So books are found in every room and I constantly assess the kids' toys to only keep those that are truly worth their time and energy. In a way, I have begun to dread buying gifts for them, other than books and clothes of course, because the offerings found in most brick-and-mortar stores offers nothing that they really need. I'm so sorry to go on and on here, better sign off and finish on my own blog, but this causes me much concern as friends and family also want to buy for our children. I've always loved your homey photos, Susan. ♥

    1. Heather, you are sweet! I like the details you put in your comment and your own commentary about your life. I know what you mean about kids and "stuff." So, I'll have to go on over to your blog to see what else you have to say! Good thoughts. :-)

  3. Good luck Susan with your finals!

    Your home always looks so warm and inviting... tidy or a mess.

    Love Jane x

    1. Thank you, Jane! I have a final tomorrow. A research design project due on Tuesday (it's for the final--we had a cumulative test last week). And I have a research paper due on Friday, so after Tuesday, it will be a bit more leisurely. Thanks for the compliment, too. :-)

  4. I love reading "food memoirs"...just finished Tender at the Bone and now reading On rue Tatin: living and cooking in a French Town.

    1. Aimee, I loved Ruth Reichl's memoirs! I read three of them, including the one you read (I think there's another now). I read On Rue Tatin quite awhile back in my old home. I particularly liked that one. I love Cooking at Home on Rue Tatin, too. Cookbooks and food books are so much fun! I want to go on and on here, so maybe I'll post something about this soon. Enjoy your reading.

  5. Well, I must tell you that when you said you didn't prefer Fisher's writing, I felt a little stab in the heart because I do love her. I've never read David's writing and I might really love her too...but I have such a fondness for Fisher's brazenness alternating with her lah-tee-dah attitude (that is all for show, you know. She's brilliant about food.) :)

    I need to put some more of these recommendations on the list though. And yes, love Ruth Reichl too!

    Beautiful little space.

  6. Tonia, I'm glad to know that we two are back on the same page (kind of, since you haven't read Elizabeth David and can't be sure. . .)! :-) I do love Fisher, too. That's why I kept all of her books on my shelves when I moved. <3!