Saturday, July 22, 2017

I Have a New Blog

Hiking last Thursday.
Iron Mountain in the Cascade Mountains.
Photo by my daughter, Melissa.

I am going to open this blog for a very, very short time just to leave a message.

I suspect that there's no one who will see this here, but I decided that if someone stumbles on this post, they are welcome to see my new blog. :)

So, if you didn't get that the first time, I am starting a new blog. I have been fiddling with it, and it's actually in no shape to share yet, but I'm just sticking my neck out and starting cold, ready or not (or I'll never do it).

I don't even know if the name I am using will stick. I don't particularly like it, and I'll likely change it at some point. I might change it tomorrow! I just had to choose something so I could get started.

I created the blog because of two people in particular (two people I adore) who have wanted me to do this for a long time. I finally thought, why not?!

To be honest, I've felt a bit odd and awkward posting there (just three preparatory posts so far), but I'll get my rhythm back.

So, if anyone is out there, come on over. :)