Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee-Making is an Art, You Know

First there was this beautiful demonstration:

And now, from the same gorgeous food site (one of my favorites), there's this:

Love these videos!
Coffee trends come and go, and even though both
the French Press and the Chemex
have certainly had/are having their trendy moments,
they've both been around for a long time.
And both of them make great coffee.
I currently use a Melitta  most often because it's the best way
to be economical with my precious Stumptown coffee grounds,
and the Chemex tutorial was great for making coffee this way!
By the way, those Beehive pots are expensive,
but they really do allow for great pouring control
if you are a real coffee afficionado.
Why shouldn't coffee making be an art?!
I swear it tastes better when you buy good beans,
grind them just right, and brew them carefully like this.

P.S. I've only been putting up posts recently because I'm on summer break.
Soon (maybe after this post), I will disappear again. :-)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Here you go, because some of you asked to see it.
It's a view into the kitchen of my beat-up, tiny apartment
(it's very near the campus, so it's usually rented by students).
That's not a Wolf stove, but that is a Persian rug!
Yes, in the kitchen.

On Thursday, August 16, 2012
we had "the heat of 3 suns," but no more.
Last night on my walk, I heard, and then saw,
a noisy v-formation of geese flying overhead.
Going south and excited about it.
Mornings are crispy now. Football season has started.
My grandkids started school this week.
And there were a few yellow, crunchy leaves on the stoop this morning.
Summer is dwindling.

Last day of summer classes today! I'm free, and I'm happy!
So, I thought I'd finally start settling into this place, getting organized.
But instead I made a second cup of coffee
and chatted with Aaron on the phone.
I've got my priorities right, I think.

Bed is unassembleld. Mattress is on the floor.
But the room has the best light in the house in the morning.
This photo doesn't show that light.
This is late-ish afternoon light when it starts to get glowy in the room.
In the morning the room is awash in a cheerful-bright and clear light,
and so I take my coffee and Bible and sit there for quiet time.
And I write letters there, too.
And just sit and think.

This was going to be dinner tonight.
But I ate the super-delicious mango that is essential to the dish.
Change of plans.
(I am breaking every rule of good discipline today.)

A photo re-run, but from a different angle.

I have two weeks of freedom at my disposal,
and I'm going to spend as much of it as possible with my family.
I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow and won't come back til I have to.

Enjoy these dwindling summer days
and the crescendoing beauty of autumn.

Moving this here to consolidate my posts:

Roman sent this text to his "daddy" a couple of weeks ago.
He needed crickets because he keeps spiders
and other insects (not that a spider is an insect, but, you know. . .)
and feeds them crickets.
Roman is truly an insect expert. I kid you not.
It's amazing what he knows,
and I don't mean just for a six-year-old,
but for a knowledgable adult.

But don't you love that spelling?
And the sweet note, too?
I do. It's so Roman.