Friday, December 28, 2012

A Little Announcement

Taken along my apartment driveway a few weeks ago. :-)
Just to have a photo! Kind of bleak, isn't it?
It was taken while the leaves were still falling and the days were shortening.
But now we've turned the corner.
The leaves have fallen, the days are lengthening,
and before we know it, there will be new life budding on those trees.

Well, really, this is kind of a biggish announcement. Very soon I’m going to hide from view all three of my existing blogs (High Desert Home, Gathering Up My Comforts, and My Summer Notebook), and I will start a new one. The new one will likely seem quite different from these old ones, so be ready to delete me from your reader or feed! :-)

You are welcome to copy any of my learning posts if you would like, but please do not put them up online elsewhere.

You may have gathered that I don’t seem like myself on this blog lately. That’s partly correct, but it’s also partly not. I still think about and write about the same old things that have always mattered to me, and I’ve written a number of typical posts in recent weeks, but for some reason I haven’t been able to bring myself to publish the majority of those posts.  I’m not entirely sure why. They just don't seem right for now.

You may wonder why I don't just leave my old blogs up and start a new one. I don't want to post a long explanation, but there are reasons why I think it's important to do so.

I want to continue to maintain a little online journal space, but I want and need to change my approach. I have some ideas for what I want to do in the future, but I haven’t finished thinking through those ideas, so I won’t say anything about that now. Someday soon, I will post a link and you can have a look and see if it’s something that might interest you.

I’ll say more soon,


  1. Susan,
    Very much looking forward to what's coming around the corner.

    With love ...

  2. Ahh! I'm going to miss all these blogs so much, there is so much goodness on them that I refer to so often. But I am also excited to see what your new place will look like. I will stick with you, I already know I adore you!

  3. I'm definitely going to miss your old blogs, but am looking forward to what's next. :)


  4. I'm going to miss your old blogs; such peach and inspiration. However, I appreciate your generosity in sharing with all of us readers. I look forward to seeing what is next.

  5. Oops, such peace not "peach", goodness!

  6. I've popped in and out since way back during High Desert Home, but have rarely commented.

    Sending you blessings and encouragement as you embark on a new trail in your journey! :-)

  7. same as the other girls...will miss the old, but can NOT wait to see what you have coming our way with the new. I have a bit of an idea, but will wait and see if I am right ;-)

  8. I have been reading since the High Desert Home days! Blessed by what you share! Looking forward to what's ahead. Shirley in Washington

  9. Change is just part of life. Looking forward to your changes and keeping up with what's around the corner!

    Blessings to you Susan!

    ~Lisa L

  10. I'm looking forward to your new blog, as I have enjoyed all of your blogs.

    Merry Christmas! It looked like a wonderful break from school. I always feel like I can breathe again when I see the ocean; it is so therapeutic. And, yes, your momma is adorable!! :-)

    Greensgirl - Lisa

  11. I am sure I will love anything you have to say, Susan! So glad that you are moving in the direction that seems right for you at this time. :)

  12. Happy New Year Susan! As others have said, I am sure your new blog will be as much of a bright spot in my day as your others have been. You are a gift to us and I am just happy that you will be doing another one whatever it may look like. May God bless you in 2013 as you have blessed me!

  13. Susan,

    Most of us understand that seasons change. Circumstances change. Our vocations do not look the same as they once did. Life’s experiences take us down new paths and change perspectives. Thoughts deepen. But we need mentors through each season of life. Your blogs have been incredibly important to me as a home schooler and a mother of 5, and I hate the thought of you deleting your posts as they have been a source of inspiration in this season of my life, which is, I think, why you wrote them in the first place—to encourage and inspire those of us trying to find our way.

    I have no idea what you are dealing with or why you might need to delete all of your beautiful posts, but I want you to know that they have been of tremendous value to this young mother (well, not so young now...) and that I will always be grateful for every typed word you have given us.


  14. I too will miss the old blogs, however I am grateful that you will continue to write. Hoping and praying for many blessings for you and yours. Muc love, sue

  15. Ugh......much love, not muc, sue

  16. Thank you for the heads up. Your learning posts are like a lifeline for me. I find myself floating along the relaxed spectrum of homeschooling and the learning lifestyle you describe is so similar to the one we come back to time and again. I will always be grateful for the posts you have taken the time to write and the inspiration that you have provided. Since I reread the posts often, I better get to printing them!
    May God continue to Bless you in your new online space (and in life). Looking forward to your next adventure!
    Thank you again for sharing yourself!

  17. life is a series of seasons..
    as such, i look forward to a peek
    of a new adventure.

  18. yikes! i must get printing then because HDH is a place i've gone over and over. i read no other archives like yours. how i will dearly miss your precious words there, susan! i am, of course, very much looking forward to whatever direction He leads. i love your sensitive spirit. xo

  19. I appreciate whatever you write - truly, Susan. I don't believe you realize your positive effect online. In a sense, it really doesn't matter what specifically you are talking about, (although I love your topics)- your generous spirit (God's Spirit in you) infuses it.
    Happy New Year,

  20. Dear Susan,
    Do you realize what an inspiration you are to so many of us?! I am so excited to hear that you are going to begin a new chapter in your blogging life. While we all hate to let go of the past, there is a time and place for this as well. Your courage in doing this is greatly admired. I will be there with you eager to see what you have in store. Thanks for giving us a way to keep in touch with you. I have enjoyed every minute I spend getting to know you through your words and encouragement and your just being yourself!
    Blessings to you and your lovely family in the coming year.