Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm a Pro

Above: my tree!
Below: Snowflakes in the window.
My grandma made some of them.

I’ve done it before. Locked myself out of my apartment, that is. I walked down to the natural foods store this afternoon, bought myself a few needed food items, and tramped back home in the rain, juggling two heavy bags and an umbrella. I arrived home, set the groceries on the doorstep, and reached into my bag for my keys. They weren’t there. Sigh. But I knew the routine.

I jogged over to the dumpster, grabbed the plastic recycling box meant to hold glass items, and wheeled the huge blue rolling bin behind me to the back of the apartment building. I set the big rolling bin down into the space between the sidewalk and building, turned the blue glass recycling box upside down and set it on the rolling bin. I climbed up on top, which brought me to just the right height for reaching my window.

I popped the screen out of the window with my bare hands like a pro, slid the window aside (which I strategically leave open for times like this), lifted myself up until my stomach was touching the window ledge, then flipped myself forward like a gymnast performing on the uneven parallel bars. I executed a tight, controlled, perfect, and graceful somersault onto my bed, sticking the landing (which isn’t hard to do when you land flat on your back). Whee! My finely-honed routine would have scored a 10.0 in the Olympics. (On the old scoring scale that is.)

I went back outside, put up the screen, returned the recycling bins to their proper place, and went back inside my apartment. It took me less than five minutes to do this. Like I said, I’m a pro, except that no one pays me for this routine. (They should make an action figure  of me!)

Note, added Monday a.m.--Haha! You guys are looking out for me! (in comments). Don't worry. I had the same thought as I typed yesterday. My window looks tightly shut, and only I know it isn't latched. Also, someone would have to use a ladder to reach it (or stack garbage cans). But, still, I decided to latch the thing from now on. So, thanks for your concerns. It's nice to be looked after! :-)

And now I’ll get back to work on my study guide for tomorrow’s final. Suddenly I’m really glad I bought that chocolatey thing at the store this afternoon. The house is clean and cosy, and I’m going to brew myself a nice, hot, dark cup of coffee (Stumptown Roasters Hair Bender Blend, FYI), sit down, and settle in to focus. These last days of the term are feeling somewhat relaxed, even though they’re demanding. When I can have a day at home with space to create a study rhythm, I get an awful lot done in a way that feels pleasant. Usually the days are cut up with back and forth to class, and it’s always hard for me to get on a roll then.

Oh, and, as I’ve said before, I read round and round the Bible, in order (with occasional diversions). I happen to be in Ecclesiastes right now, and I couldn’t help but smile at this verse: “Of making many books, there is no end, and much study wearies the body.” This resonated more than usual after last night, when I worked quickly back through each of five books I read for just one class. Haha.

Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday.


  1. Susan,

    I smiled wide at your "They should make an action figure of me" comment!
    Way to handle it.

  2. The only thing I want to know is, are you fairly sure you're the only one who can perform that stunt, Mrs. Incredible? At least you shouldn't have to worry too much about out-of-shape burglars!

    Is (um, was?) this the last final? Hope it goes well! Thinking of you!

    1. I have the same concern as Laura. Stay safe, Susan!
      Praying finals go well for you!

  3. If a double comment comes up it's because my blog just glitched and ate my first comment. Briefer this time. Thanks for your concerns--really! I actually thought the same thing! :-) Big final at 1 p.m. today. Big research proposal due tomorrow (not a *paper* proposal but actual sociological research in the field). Big paper due Friday (it's my final for that class, even though we had a big cumulative test for it last week). So, more to do. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

  4. Brings back memories. I was a latch key kid and I swear I hold the record for lock outs. Sigh. I even wore the blasted key around my neck half the time and managed to lock myself out. So am laughing with you. And now worried about burglars too....