Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walking Home this Evening

Leaving for home after class.

Wow, the colors are pretty. 

Aren't they?
And I could have snapped a lot more photos.

 A little more shady here.

 When I walked past this place, it was glowing.

 The campus is famous for its trees.
It is an arboretum. For real.

When I walk through the cemetery, I'm almost home.

Sometimes I really miss nature and living in the country.
But God gave me two strong legs,
and put me in a pleasant part of town.
And every day I walk across a beautiful university.
I live on one corner of campus,
and some of my classes are more than a mile away
on another edge of the campus.
But I don't mind.
Because my walk home is lovely.


  1. That is a beautiful walk home, what a blessing!

  2. Beautiful!
    What a treat for the senses!

    Blessings to you, Susan.
    Miss you here... fun to see you pop up in my reader from time to time!

  3. Lovely! Yours is a very American walk.

    I like your new header, too!

    1. Oh, and thanks on the "header." I didn't want the photos of my old house up there because that was then, and this is now. But I needed something to take the place of the old header, and since I'm trending toward simpler :-), letters with a nice typeface seemed right for now. And maybe always.

  4. I echo Janet (above) -- Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing. The leaves are still changing here in Zurich, but we get more golds and oranges, less reds.

    Thanks for the hello :-)

  5. Oh, Susan, these photos are so beautiful. They remind me of my college days. The U of Illinois campus had a similar feel, filled with amazing specimens of all different types of trees. This post brought back so many memories of walking around campus, IDing trees, shrubs, etc. for my Hort 101 class. Thanks for sharing, and I am so happy that you get to be in such a place for now.

  6. Thank you to each and every one of you! :-) Laura, I suppose it does look like a very American walk, doesn't it? Thanks, Silvana. Decided yet about going back to school?

    1. Hi Susan. No, the decision about school is on the back burner since the application is not due until Feb. It's nice to have some time to consider and reorient. At present, I've been enjoying focusing on teaching current piano students and trying to add more students. I have taught piano since my kids were little, but now that I have the time to put more effort into it, I am finding it quite enjoyable. So, we'll see.
      I am up with the dog (thunderstorm anxiety), thus the rather late/early entry! Enjoy your weekend!

    2. Sounds good, Silvana! There's no pressure, is there? It's nice to be able to think about things over a period of time. I'm glad you're enjoying teaching piano. And that's too bad about your dog. I hope you had a good sleep eventually!

  7. God's creation abounds with breathtaking vistas. Thank you so much for taking those photos. They are a feast for my eyes! And the brick and stone are lovely as well. :)

    1. Thank you, Heather! And I agree on the stone and bricks. It's funny, I only have really old, rundown buildings in the photos. There are some super-cool old buildings on campus, and some really great modern ones, too. I'll have to put up some photos some day.

  8. It's a real floor show. Ours hasn't peaked yet. So glad to hear from you.

    1. Same to you, Lucille. Oh, and it is really sort of amazingly lovely around this little city. I was on top of a butte overlooking the town this afternoon, and I was stunned by the number of colorful trees. It's almost gaudy! :-) Fall here really is a beautiful season.

  9. A beautiful and peaceful place Susan.

    Tyra from Coffee Shoppe