Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Puttering

"When we human beings let go and embrace the new,
when we flow with the seasons,
and merge with the same basic rhythm that tells the geese when to go,
we hear things beyond sound, and feel things beyond touch,
and a kind of serenity settles over our spirits."
~Jean Hersey in The Shape of a Year

See? I put up the paper leaves Michelle cut and colored
for me when we lived in the High Desert.
(But now, instead of gracing our old kitchen window,
they grace the mirror in the space between
the living room and kitchen of my little apartment.)
Buttercup squash with maple is roasting in my oven.
We had our first hard rain in a while last night.
It was nice.
The kids and I were texting yesterday
about fall memories in our old home:
Frosty-cold mornings.
Clear beautiful skies. Crisp air.
Bundling up for afternoon walks.
Stacking wood.
A crackling fire in the woodstove.
Everyone vying for that green chair by the stove.
Cheddar chowder with bacon.
Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.
Russian tea (always mainly for Aaron).
Raking pine needles in the cold wind
(that would be Aaron, too).
Long evenings round the table,
everyone together, talking and playing games.
But that was then, and this is now,
and I neither want to go back nor try to recreate the past.
At the same time, traditions matter,
 and some of ours will be maintained forever.
I am truly thankful for whatever God brings my way.
I am thankful for now.
It's autumn, and it's lovely.


  1. And we, too, are remembering your high desert days, by making scones! It's becoming a regular thing. I think you still make them though, don't you?

    1. Yes! When we're all together, I make scones. And coffee. (Coffee is part of the deal.) Do you have our new and better scone recipe? (The old one is good, too.) I love that you're making these. You're part of our high desert memories, you know! :-) The other day I was remembering Bob liking those refrigerator muffins with the Marionberries poked in the top, and then I remembered his "Marion Berry Pie" at the Timberline Lodge! Haha. Fun times.

  2. Susan,

    I smile every time you write. It is as if my best friend is writing me personally –I am sure many of us feel this way.
    First thing this morning my daughter crawled out of bed and almost immediately went outside to enjoy the cool, crisp autumn air. Just this week, the boys started the stacking of wood. And I kid you not, I currently have hot pumpkin chocolate chip muffins on the counter. Somehow this all seemed very ordinary, until I read your post. How is it that you are able to point to the seemingly ordinary and turn it into extraordinary? You repeatedly do this for me. Thank you!


    1. Well, Mary, that is very nice. And how crazy that you made your muffins today! Yum. Enjoy your awesome, ordinary rituals. :-)

  3. I made your chocolate chip pumpkin muffins a little over a week ago, and I thought of you....

    I also think of you when I see my broom hanging in my kitchen. I've wanted one ever since you posted about yours, several years back. (Finances finally allowed for it, I used some of my birthday money.) I just LOVE the beautiful, handmade simplicity of it. And I love that it was made by someone who made a fair wage for doing it.

    You have brought so much to my life through your blogs and I thank you.


    1. So, you have the broom in your kitchen now?! Mine is getting old and really bent to one side, but it still works great, and I still love it--for all of the same reasons you do. When I sweep, I love knowing that a human being fashioned the broom with their own hands. Thank you, Michele! :-)

    2. Yes, I have it hanging in my kitchen now--sorry my comment wasn't very clear about that. :o)

  4. I am back home from traveling for 3 weeks and how nice to have a few blog posts to read from you. Thanks for taking the time when you have a break in your schedule. I look forward to your next break! And I'm praying for you - for present grace - grace for right now.

    From a reader in Switzerland

    1. Well, thank you, Susan! I appreciate that. . . all the way from Switzerland--cool! :-)

  5. Thank you so much for writing here. I enjoy every last detail and look forward to each time you write.

  6. Remembering your High Desert Days and long-ago posts with you. You make me smile.
    This is the day that the Lord has made!

    1. Jody, it makes me smile to see you here! I always enjoy your company (I've known you online for what? 14 years or more?!). And, yes, that simple focus of this being the day *God* has made (and that He has ordered our steps) changes everything, doesn't it?

  7. Hi Susan, I have had the best surprise this afternoon. I was thinking about your old blog and just out of the blue decided to google High Desert Home just to see if the archive was still up. To my very pleasant surprise I found your new blog here!

    You not only introduced me to the world of blogging when I stumbled upon HDH a couple of years ago; but you touched my heart as well with your writing; and in a way that I have not forgotten. I was sorry I hadn't gotten a chance to comment before you closed the blog. I have truly enjoyed reading through all of your archives though.

    Your new blog is just as beautiful as the last one; and it is enjoyable to see what has happened since your last post on HDH. So glad to have found you and I look forward to visiting your blog often.

    1. Allison, it's so nice to meet you! I'm glad you found me (even though I don't know what I'll be doing here or how often). But thank you for being so nice, and I hope to see more of you! :-)