Monday, October 29, 2012

Contrary to the first line of the post (below),
this is not a photo of a grey, rainy day.
It is a photo of an autumn tree
that made me think of a bubblegum machine.

Rain again today means it’s grey outside
and warm lights are turned on inside.
 On days like this
I want to stare out the window and think.
Or read a good book.
But I also like to be outside.
Autumn trees are more vibrant in the grey,
and rainy air is fresher.

They say you can spot a non-native in Oregon
because he carries an umbrella.
Well I was born here,
and my family has lived in Oregon since the 1850’s,
so I’m pretty native.
And I carry an umbrella.
A dark green one.

(Yoohoo, Michelle!)
I walked to Sundance Market today
and saw Koala Crisp cereal
and thought of you all
So I bought a box,
along with almond milk,
and I came right home and ate a bowl.
It tastes better when I eat it at your house.

“There is only one world—in God—
and it is simple and real.
Why speak in riddles?”
Yes, Alexander Schmemann, why?
(They haven’t embraced this idea
At the university where I spend most of my time.)


  1. I love your tree photo. But you are right, the leaves do stand out so pretty when photographed against a lead gray sky.

    I took such a photo last week and it makes me happy to gaze upon it - so I made it my "cover" banner photo on FB.

    In Anchorage (where I was born and raised) - you rarely need an umbrella; when it rains it's very soft and non-threatening. A hood will do. When I moved to Chicago in the late 90's, an umbrella was a good idea. Here in Zurich, being on foot most of the time (no car) an umbrella is a must!

    have a good week ~

  2. Thanks, Susan! I do love the trees, although I think I have gotten carried away with pictures of autumn! :-) I'm on foot, too, though a looonnng way from Zurich! It must be nice living there? I use an umbrella because I don't like wearing a hood, but it definitely rains so hard sometimes that a hood is not enough. Even with an umbrella I get fairly drenched! :-)

    You have a good week, too, Susan!