Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fine Day

On the university campus. 

On campus, too, just around the corner from the trees in the photo above.
Across that green space in the background is the graveyard
I often walk through on my way home from class.

I even bring leaves into the house.
I bring them in pretty and fresh and watch them gradually shrivel up.
But they're still pretty.

Today was a fine day. I got up early, made my bed, brewed myself a cup of coffee, and read my Bible while standing in front of the heater. It’s getting cold at night around here! For breakfast, I fixed myself some toast spread with delicious homemade blackberry jelly that my friend Laurie gave me, and then I studied for a couple of hours.

In the afternoon, I went on a little geological expedition to some pretty interesting places around town with just a few students and the teacher from my Geology of the National Parks class (actually, it’s a geological photography seminar-class that branches off of the big class). We all fit snugly in one car, so we rode around together and had a great time.

At my suggestion (because you have to have snacks when you’re out on an adventure), the professor was even game to stop just off the highway at a little biofuel gas station/market that sells natural foods and good coffee. I bought my favorite treat—a chocolate peanut butter cup that’s handmade at a popular local patisserie.

It was a fun day in the fresh, chilly, sometimes cloudy-and-sprinkly, sometimes cloudy-and-sunny air. At one of the sites we visited, I made sure to pick up an interesting little rock to add to my collection of adventure-rocks. We came back to campus, and I snapped a few more photos as I walked home. I have loads of pictures, but I haven’t looked at most of them, so I’ll just put up these two (I’ll stop with the autumn photos soon, I promise!).

And now it is waaay past my bedtime. (What in the world am I doing still up?!)


  1. Beautiful! I love your photos, keep 'em coming. That is while you have free time in your schedule :-)

    1. Thanks, Susan! For a few different reasons, I am *making* time to do some things on my blog, but of course, there will be times when I just really can't. :-)

  2. I had to share about these lovely pictures too. Your dish with the red leaves reminds me of my "collection". I gather something (a leaf, a berry something that makes me smile) then I bring it home and place it on my mantle in front of a large picture of Jesus and say Thank you. Each season He gives us many things to smile about if we look at what's in front of us. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Peace to you,

  3. Sweet, Dee! :-) Yes, you are so right--indeed we are blessed, and all around us are God's gifts if we will only see.