Friday, September 30, 2011

Loved the soft, pretty light of this morning.

Thankful for excellent insight into how to
organize something I was trying to manage.

Loved running into my niece on campus
(a student of the honors college)
and having a lengthy chat with her in the sunshine.

Loved the story Michelle told me about Roman.
He met a boy who speaks only Spanish.
He said the boy seemed shy and quiet.
So Roman walked up to him,
and in a very friendly six-year-old gesture,
blurted out his entire Spanish vocabulary:
"Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis,
siete, ocho, nueve, diez."
The boy just stared at him with big eyes, Roman said.
And Roman was pleased about being so very bilingual.

Happy Friday!


  1. Roman's a dear. what a thoughtful thing for him to do. i'm sure the student will remember his kindness for a long while. :o)

    beautiful images of autumn in your parts, the 1st pic especially. love the autumn tones on blue. wow.

    my hubs and i are headed up your way mid-month. eugene/springfield 1st then portland then sisters then home. 1st two stops for {his) business. i get to tag along and enjoy the beautiful state of oregon. getting together with some bloggie friends in salem and portland. i don't know where you're located - but if you'd like to meet up as well, email me. it'd be so nice to know you face to face.

    ladyjanesjournal at gmail dot com

  2. Susan, you have simply and quite utterly left me enchanted. A happy Friday indeed. And to you.

    Well I'm off to pray with a friend and to spend the weekend in the company of some genuinely nice people who, as an added bonus, enjoy making music with my husband. To finish this most delightful weekend off, I get to hike with a dear friend.

    We do live blessed lives don't we.

  3. Love the Roman story. So precious!

  4. Loved those leafy pics. And that Roman....bless his heart.


  5. I think I would like your niece very much! And Roman?? too precious!!

    I have to tell you ~ we played your tele-draw game tonight. We all laughed SO much, we had 7 playing, which I think was just about perfect! I expected that everyone would like it, but the game an even bigger hit than I'd imagined. My college boy said he's going to keep a stack of index cards in his backpack so he can teach his friends.... Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!

  6. The boy has a future in international diplomacy.

    And insight, especially when things are running over, is such a relief.

  7. These light-filled photos and your gratitude brighten my morning, which is already bright with sunshine on this crisp and frosty,first day of October...
    "O, it sets my hart a-clickin' like the tickin' of a clock,
    When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder's in the shock!" (James Whitcomb Riley)

    Now, on to the making of applesauce to fill our larders!


  8. Susan, you inspired me to take a morning light photo. Since I have no blog, I got permission from my 14 year old daughter to post it on her blog. Thank you, Hannah! :D


  9. I smiled at your comments, everyone! I'm glad you appreciated Roman's sweetness, as I do. :-)

    Judi, love it! You need to start your own blog! I'm so glad you shared that lovely photo with me. It makes me smile to get just the tiniest glimpse of your world.

    jAne, I will email you. :-)

  10. Love the Roman story. So precious! Love the autumn tones on blue too.