Friday, September 16, 2011

A Few Things. . .

Late summer fruit--peaches. These weren't as good
as recent peaches (the season ran late here), so I think
the last tasty peach has been eaten. Sad.

Oh, my. The second half of my speaking notes about "margin" are a mess. When I first ran across them, I only skimmed over the notes to get the gist of what I wrote, and I expected them to be clean-ish like the first half, but instead, they are a loose collection of quotes and jottings and too much repetition. I certainly hope that when I spoke at that brunch I was able to clean it all up and make sense of the topic!

I spent some time last night trying to put these too-messy-to-post notes into prose, and I made good progress (I'm nearing the end) but didn't finish. I don't have time to do so this morning, either, because I'm getting ready to head out of town for a few days to see my girls. There will be wi-fi at their house, and, depending on what everyone is doing, I might have a bit of time to post a thing or two (including the notes I'm trying to finish). If not, I'll get them done as soon as I return home.

At any rate, I can't wait to see my girls and do some things around town with them.

I've stayed home for the last three days to take care of some paperwork and get ready to start fall term classes. I've also been gradually gearing my life and home toward the autumn and winter seasons, not consciously, but naturally. For instance, it seemed natural on a recent cool evening to braise cabbage until meltingly tender and eat it with garlicky-lemony mashed sweet potatoes. Definitely delicious, and definitely not summer food. And when I was reading in the living room one evening, I got chilly, and since it's too early in the year to turn on heat, I brought out an afghan to wrap around me. Since I'll likely need the afghan again soon, it made sense to leave it on the couch.

As the seasons shift places, morning light in the house has gradually taken on a new feel. It is warmer, more mellow, and more fleeting. It's a cozy light that makes me want to bake something!

That is one cozy rug!
I snapped the photo when lighting was bad,
but click if you want to see better.
You can see my mess from typing my "margin" notes
on the computer table. And my coffee!
And a dish towel on the back of the chair. (?)

When I moved into this house in early May, these wood floors were cold! I didn't even like to come into the living room then, and since I don't want to spend this coming winter entirely in the kitchen, I've been looking for a really-inexpensive rug. I was hoping to find a sort of plush, light-colored shag. Normally I wouldn't go with a light color but this room is dark, and winter sunlight only touches the very edge of the room for mere minutes in early morning, so the room can use any brightness I can give it. I wanted a rug I could sit on and that my grandkids could play on when they come. So, I was happy when I found this fairly plush, cozy rug for an affordable (super cheap!) price.

Early in the summer, I began reading a book Aaron gave me for Christmas, but I didn't finish it. I've picked up Palace Walk again and am moving along in it really well now. The author won a Nobel prize for this book and the sequels that follow (written in the 1940's, I think). The book wonderfully evokes the atmosphere of its Egyptian setting and powerfully portrays the oppression of women in that religious culture. I love reading fiction, but I don't do enough of it, in spite of the strong encouragement from my son to do so (he thinks fiction is "truer" than non-fiction). :-)

And now I'm going to pack my things and get ready to leave. More soon!

(Hey! Does a new thing happen when you click on photos? It does when I click--it kind of opens up on its own, grey, transparent overlay--and I love how it looks.)


  1. Yes...! I have that new thing happen too when I click on photos. They must have done it in the night, because I only noticed it this morning! And yes, I like the look of it as well.

  2. I read Palace Walk and the others, wonderful read I still have them

  3. I really love the look and found myself cozying up in your living room…:)
    (I even just blogged about the fact that--) I really miss fall every year since we've been in Hawaii going on 11 years now…I do all I can in my home to give me the cozy autumn feel that i so miss!
    And if that is what you call a "messy" desk…please never look at mine! ;)
    Enjoy your time away!

  4. I really like what you've done with your living room, and yes, that new rug is really cozy-looking! Are those books in your fireplace? I see something colorful back there.

    Amazingly, the peaches are still good here in Torino. Then again, until yesterday it was 85 degrees. Today it's in the 60s and all the Italians are complaining that it's too cold ;-).

  5. Annie, don't know if you'll see this, but my daughter clicked on the link to your blog on my sidebar and thought your area and your photos were beautiful. :-)

    Bonnie, I'm almost finished with the first. I wonder if I'll have time for the others?! :-) Hope so.

    mominapocket, thanks! :-)

    Monica, I suppose in Hawaii you would miss the seasons sometimes, even though you are blessed to be in the sunshine year round and probably don't have much of an issue with SAD (?). I'd miss fall, too, if I didn't get to enjoy it. Haha about the desk. It's not an official desk--just where I set the computer--or it would get a *lot* messier! I did enjoy my time away. :-)

    Lauraintorino, there are some books in the fireplace (kids' books), but not really a decorative idea. The toys are to the left of it, behind the couch, and I just set the books there temporarily (partly to keep kids out of the fireplace! :-) I'll figure something out for that spot that makes sense to me. I'm not into decor for the sake of decor, so it will be something simple, and hopefully something that makes sense. If it get to it, that is. . . :-)