Friday, August 12, 2011

Video Chatting with My Other Grandkids. . .

Aaron and Melissa were here last night, and we set up our first video chat ever with Michelle and my other three grandchildren. I'm sure most of you do this all the time and are yawning at my enthusiasm, but I love this!

I'm so used to chatting with Aimee and sweet little, immobile Avery that the chat with Michelle and her family had me laughing out loud. Hard. It was one swirling event of motion and close-up eyes and kisses planted by Liya on the screen. The kids were laughing and dancing and asking a million questions. Roman wanted to know if it was night or morning where we were. :-)

 They were pretty tickled to see and hear us, I think.

 Roman spent most of his time right there. Close up. Eyes only.

 Roman showed us the bug he captured yesterday.
He said he found a dung beetle. And a golden buprestid.
But he couldn't catch the buprestid, he said, because "it's elusive!"

 And then Roman showed us his new  dance.

 It was a blur of moving heads, close-up views of
sweet faces, and constant motion.

 Liya hasn't quite caught on to how these chats work and
how to share the screen with the rest of the gang.

 She kept kissing us. We love her.

We saw a lot of that big, right, bespectacled eye of Jayden's
in that corner of the screen.



  1. How fun for you, Susan! My parents don't live in town so we Skype sometimes. Once my mom and my Lucy had a virtual tea party. Sometimes we carry computers around the house showing off different things. Technology can be a blessing sometimes.
    (I wouldn't have known you without it, yes?!)
    Much love to you this day!

  2. Oh, Susan! That's hilarious! I love their intelligent, earnest little faces. I want to visit with them again.

    Love to them all,

  3. What fun!!! I love how you captured these memories (with your camera?--I'm not too techie savvy.) I'd never have thought to do it; but what a great idea. :D I'm smiling too!


  4. Megan, that is *so* cute about the tea party! And, yes, technology can be good for a lot of things. Here were are, after all! :-)

    Gary, I cracked up when I read your comment. So funny! You know how to make this grandma smile. Of *course* they are intelligent and earnest! I hope you can see them again before too much time passes. (I passed on your comment to Michelle, who will love it!)

    Judi, I did take these with my camera. I'm not tech savvy! :-) I feel silly taking a photo of a computer screen, but, hey, I'm glad I have these! :-)

  5. I love your blog. Your words are so fun and descriptive! :) I am reading down your feed and loving every bit of it. You sound like a blessed, still-young and full-of-life Grandma. Thanks for sharing your happy life!

  6. Ah! Now I want to chat with them!
    I have to say, I was confused when I saw Laura sign her comment with "Gary". But then Melissa explained the reason to me. So funny. :)

  7. Nice to meet you, Laura. I appreciate your nice comment! :-) (And I do live a very blessed life!)

    Hello, dear Aimee. You didn't know about the Gary thing, huh? Funny, isn't it?!