Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving Things Around. . .

A better set-up.
(Click for a nicer look at all photos.)

I couldn’t stand it any longer. The temporary computer set-up in the corner behind the couch finally got to me. It was starting to feel permanent. What could I do to create a computer place that looked nicer than that little table stacked with ugly books?

Ugly. (Click to observe!)

I didn’t have an extra table or desk to use, but then I remembered that my great-grandmother’s old sewing machine was in the garage. Hmmm, I wonder. . .

It looks better in real life.
(Plus, I moved the orange chair from the kitchen
there, and it's cheerier.)
I think I know what I'll do with that fireplace.
I'll tell and show you after I've done it.

I wheeled that old machine into the house and back into the corner where the internet connection is. The sewing machine was just the right height, so I dusted it off and set the laptop on it. Yep. Perfect. But now it seemed cluttered and crowded behind the loveseat, so it was time to rearrange.

I opened the doors and windows (because the house seems fresh and cheery to me when the outside air and sunshine comes in), turned on some music, and got busy. After moving things around and tidying the room, I made myself a smoothie and sat cross-legged on the loveseat to survey the new set-up.

Berries, banana, coconut water smoothie.

I decided that, yes, I like the living room better now. It is airy and open and feels uncluttered. I’d like to have more places in the room for people to sit, but there’s no hurry. Someday, the right chairs for the right price will present themselves. And if they don’t, there are always the kitchen chairs to bring into the living room if they are needed.
Again, it looks better in real life.

What is it about moving a little bit of furniture around that makes everything feel nicer and cleaner? I inherited this tendency from my mother.

(I’m posting thisTuesday night because I’m leaving early in the morning to go on a berry picking adventure. Have a lovely Wednesday!)


  1. Funny, I spent the evening moving around furniture and Monty came downstairs and asked me what in the world I was doing. I said, "I don't know... I am my mother's daughter." Ha! Love how you rearranged your furniture - super cozy! P.S. You should see the project I am working on right now. I rescued a dump of an armoire from the side of the road and am reconstructing it. It's turning out quite lovely. :)

  2. Yay, Michelle! XOXOX Send me pictures of your armoire (I *know* it looks great!), and hug my grandkids for me. Miss you all. . . <3

  3. I like your arrangement! I'm curious, you've mentioned coconut water as an ingredient in your smoothies lately. Why is coconut water so beneficial? I tried it a few weeks ago, but didn't care much for the taste (though I use coconut MILK frequently in cooking). Maybe I'd like it better mixed into my smoothies (for I do love my green smoothies!). Thanks, Susan!

  4. I really like it Susan, it looks open, airy, yet still cosy. (o:

  5. Well, thanks jAne, Rebecca, and Michele. It's a start, at least. It's getting better. Little by little. :-)

    Rebecca, about the coconut water. It's super good for you. In WWII in the Pacific, it was used as IV fluid when medics ran out (the tube ran straight from the coconut to the arm). There are actually photos of this. I heard that coconut water is almost identical to blood plasma. It's really close, but it's not. It's sterile and full of good stuff, though. It's also been thought to be a perfect workout/training recovery drink because of the electrolytes and other good stuff, but you have to be careful with that because it's high in zinc and not high enough in sodium for recovery (workout) purposes--that is if you are an elite athlete or train super-hard. I wouldn't gorge on the stuff, but I put a little bit in a smoothie several days a week. It's good for us! :-) And by the way, I don't like it the coconut water by itself, either. :-)

  6. That is so fascinating, Susan! Thanks for all the info! My husband is training for a three day bike ride (50 - 100 miles/day) that will be in September, so maybe I could add this to his recovery liquids. Have a great end to your week--looks like the berry picking was lovely!

  7. Susan, it always looks so nice, so matter where you put your things. :)
    I will be back to look more closely and admire some more.
    Thinking of you today!

  8. I think it's interesting, too, Rebecca! Your husband's bike trip sounds like fun. How cool that he does that.

    Thanks Heather, for your comment and for thinking of me. How lovely! :-)

  9. You must have some Gypsy blood and since you don't move on out every few months, the rearranging furniture satisfies that longing...at least that what my husband says about me. ;)

  10. I LOVE those bright and totally cheery pillows on your chair and love seat. And that amazing bug collection on your mantel! Is it real? or a print? You have good taste. And a lovely home. And we home lovers love to see other home lovers' homes! ;D


  11. Yes, gypsy blood! (My cousins actually do!) :-)

    Judi, I really like the pillows, too, so thank you. And the bugs are real. Thank you for your compliment. I appreciate it! :-)