Monday, August 29, 2011

A Random Day. . .

It hadn’t really occurred to me that autumn is creeping up on summer until I saw the fall display in the home-wares section of Goodwill yesterday. Wow. Just when it seems like summer is getting on a roll, here comes the next season, but there’s still a month to go before school starts again, and I intend to enjoy every day of what’s left of this season.

While I was at Goodwill, I found another old typewriter—a cute one that has a sort 50’s vintage space-age shape. It types great, the ribbon is in pretty decent shape, and it was super-cheap, so I bought it. Yes, I have three other vintage typewriters (even though I’ve given two or three away!), but for this price, I can share them with others or start a typewriter museum in my house or sell them for more than I paid for them.

Because this typewriter has a better ribbon, it took the place of the old typewriter that was being used as a guest book. And, by the way, the typewriter guest book idea is a hit, especially with kids (young and old). I’ve already got some pages filled with type even though I haven’t “officially” inaugurated the guest book. I love the notes people leave me or the random things they say or the conversations they have with each other. Aaron types in Danish, so I don’t know what all of his entries say, but I’m sure they’re entertaining to read (one of these days, his words will go into an online translator).

While I was chatting with Aaron, he told me to take a picture
of the teapot because you could see the whole kitchen in it.
Maybe if you click you can see better.

I have no daybook to put up today and no high school post, either, because it was a random, lazy morning, and I have quite a to-do list to cover this late afternoon. I stayed up late with Aaron last night (he spent the night) watching For All Mankind—an interesting documentary about the US Apollo moon program. I was a child in the era when the Sputnik circled the world and the US took it as a challenge, and I’ve always found the Apollo missions fascinating. I read Lost Moon before it was made into the movie Apollo 13 (the book is more detailed and more amazing than the movie, as is usually the case). Anyway, I loved the documentary footage of astronauts singing, running, bouncing, joking, and playing like exuberant children on the moon in their space suits—it was truly funny and fun to watch.

Late-night movie watching means late to bed. I got up early enough this morning (5:30), but I evaded my usual routine and started doing random things like pounding nails in the wall to put this picture here and that one there; going outside to move the sprinkler around and cut some flowers; having coffee and quiet time in the middle of it all; visiting Aaron in the kitchen while morning ticked away. . .

. . . making cream biscuits (and more coffee) so late in the morning that the biscuits became lunch. . .

. . . trying to learn to use Aaron’s way-better-than-mine camera (none of these photos were taken with it).

And now I will move along. Friends are stopping by tomorrow morning, so I don’t know if I’ll have a post up before or after they come, but by bedtime, I’ll have something posted on the blog.

Happy Monday!


  1. I am in *love* with that black curly-q clock! But those bugs in the frame creep me OUT!

  2. Happy Monday Susan! It sounds like it's going to be a busy, good day. We are in "moving mode" around my house. Trying to stuff 28 years of living into cardboard boxes! I know you understand. It is exciting, though, to walk ahead into tomorrow.

  3. You moved your bug collection from off of the mantle! I think it's cool. I also love your kitchen in the teapot! Such an observant son! ;D


  4. It makes me happy that your kitchen is green! (I might also be a bit green w/ envy when I see those lovely green canisters, though)

    Love your new typewriter, too! Less than a week after I spend a small fortune on mine; Tyler found not one, but TWO vintage machines at a yard sale (and one of them was YELLOW) He said he could have probably got them both for $5 - but we didn't need them..... sigh. I would not have been so strong.

  5. Correction: mantel, not mantle. Sorry, I just can't leave it like that!!!


  6. Well, I could help with the Danish translation for you as my husband is a Dane - on the other hand some things are best just left as they are!

  7. Each time I see your green kitchen I smile. I am not a bold person, but I think that looks fun!

    I wanted to let you know we did the dinner with the college students. Can you believe some of them knew the game. I felt out of the loop. None the less, we had a GREAT time. Lots of laughter especially when the phrase "me and my love under the apple tree" turned into " two Amish men dancing". Hilarious!!

    I do want to share that I am really am enjoying learning about Wabi Sabi. I just got an article from Mother Earth News about a woman who wrote a book on it. I haven't gone to back in your post to see if it's the same one you speak of, but it looks interesting. I'm intrigued since I am always trying to simplify and live mindfully. (It's a challenge for sure. I tend to pack in to many things) Though, God is teaching me about not being perfect, only doing things that are "necessary" and "leave room for the unexpected." Progress not perfection, right?

    Hugs to you, have a great week!

  8. I responded to all of these comments yesterday and then I somehow deleted my comment rather than posting it, and I couldn't figure out how to retrieve it. (control Z didn't work) I won't rewrite them because I've been at the computer (writing a post) for too long already, but, quickly. . .

    Michele, haha about the bugs. I love that box! And the clock. . .

    Linda, best wishes as you move your life. It's a big task and a big change, so best wishes and prayers to you.

  9. Oops. What is my problem?! I cannot seem to control my comment box. . .

    Moving along:

    Judi, I'm impressed that you noticed, and I'm glad you corrected your spelling because I was going to have to kick you off my blog! :-) (just kidding, you know!).

    the momma. Yep another green kitchen! Oh, how I would love to have a yellow typewriter! I would trade three of mine for a yellow one! :-)

    Annie, I didn't know your husband was Danish! (Or I forgot.) My son learned to speak it in college, and he became obsessed. He loves the language. Now I know that, in a pinch, I have access to my own personal translator, but, as you said, some things are best left as they are! :-)

    Mrs. Peterson, I inherited the green kitchen by went of rental. I don't own the house. Two green kitchens in a row, but of different shades. Yes to what you said about perfectionism! Glad you're enjoying the Wabi Sabi idea!

    I guess I did rewrite this. . .