Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just a Note. . .

Judi, this is why I moved the insect box (you noticed!).
This flower arrangement is too big to look nice (to scale with its surroundings)
anywhere but on the mantle, so it took the spot where the insect box was sitting.
Plus I shift things around constantly. :-)

(It's bugging me that the focus is mis-aimed in the photo above
and the one of the cooked dinner in the post below.
Just had to say so! :-) )

I looked over what I was going to post this afternoon regarding high school, and I don’t like its trajectory or how it reads, so, I’m doing it over. Unlike the past week, the rest of this week looks to be quiet, so I hope to get several of those high school posts up.

Are you seeing seasonal changes? I don’t know if it’s all in my mind or because I have orange flowers all over the house or because the temperature was cool today, but the air feels different. And I saw some yellowing maple leaves on the driveway. I looked up at the tree, and it doesn’t seem to be showing signs of fall, but I could swear those leaves in the driveway were changing color.

Be back tomorrow sometime, barring unexpected (and total) chaos or constant interruptions!


  1. I noticed that the air both felt and smelled autumnal this morning! Honestly, I am ready for it! I am longing for big pots of soup simmering on the wood stove while we read a really good book! Love your "new" typewriter, and wonder why I never find them at Goodwill??? My father wrote all of his (unpublished) books using an old Royal, and I would love to find one like his!

  2. I'm hearing more crickets and fewer cicadas. That means we're moving toward fall down south. Also, we've had a few cooler mornings - lovely for walking!

  3. Looking forward to cooler temperatures... Will be in Portland for a month as husband works in this area.

    Do you have a favorite bookstore in Portland you would recommend? Thank!

  4. Mrs. Fordyce, well we both live in Oregon, and we both felt it, so it must be the case! :-) Keep looking for a typewriter if you want one. They periodically show up, and the price is usually right! :-)

    Beth, I do love autumn and cool walking weather! I think it's the best time of year for walking and hiking.

    mominapocket, yes! Powell's bookstore is on Burnside, and it is amazing. So much fun! Definitely don't miss it. There are satellite Powell's stores, too--two of them just across the river in the Hawthorne district (one is a store dedicated to cooking and gardening books). Have fun!

  5. Susan, I absolutely love the colors on your mantel right now! turquoise, soft greens, and deep orange! Oh! it is so, so pretty! And the shape of that vase! Perfect. (And why does it not surprise me that you shift things around constantly?! ;D )

    Mrs. Fordyce, I've had success finding typewriters at rummage/yard sales, and the price is usually right, as Susan says.

    Here in the upper peninsula of Michigan, fall is also in the air. Cooler nights. Foliage is dryer. And the autumn joy sedum is beginning to turn pink.