Thursday, November 1, 2012


I was up before 5:00 a.m.
I would have brewed a nice cup of coffee,
but I was out of beans.
So, I had jasmine pearl green tea instead.
I sat in the living over near the heater (brrr)
 and read my Bible and prayed.
Then I studied for awhile, tidied the house,
grabbed my stuff
(incluiding keys and phone in the pink dish above),
and walked to class.

After class, I came home for lunch.
I ate leftovers (above).
It's a traditional rice and lentil dish with carmelized onions.
I sauteed finely chopped kale with garlic
and added it to the onions, rice, and lentils
with just enough salt.
I'm always surprised anew by how delicious this is.
The carmelized onions are the key.
Definitely, the more onions the merrier.

After lunch I walked to a class I have in this building.
I love this old building.
I climb flight after flight after flight of stairs
to get to the very top floor with the little windows.
(The photo above is just the top of the building--
there are more floors below.)
I love that there are no elevators
and that the ladies room has a pretty window
over the sink with a pretty view.

Before class, the other students and I were saying
how pretty the view out the windows was.
So, I snapped a picture.
Then I climbed on a chair. . .
(It was okay, really. I didn't entirely lose my dignity.
There are only 9 really
friendly, low-key, funny people in the class.)

. . .to look out the window,
and lookee there!
I snapped a picture as the teacher walked in and said,
"And, Susan, what are we doing?"

And then I walked to a class in the building just off to the left
of what you see in the photo above.
(This photo was taken a week or so ago.)

And then I walked home and grabbed one of these.
My class is more than a mile away
from my apartment, so I needed it.
They're leftover from that holiday we had last night,
but why, oh why, did I have to buy peanut butter cups?!
I never, ever buy candy, but these are hard to resist
now that they're in the house.
See that glass dish and lid?
They belonged to my grandmother,
and as far back as I can remember,
it was always sitting out,
and always filled with something.
Nuts, fancy little hard Christmas candies,
dried apples, holiday candies.
I love having it in my house now.

I've come to the end of the day.
I've chatted with some of my great kids today.
And right now I'm drinking tea
and planning for tomorrow.
Before long, I'll tidy stray messes,
grab a book or two or three,
and settle in for some reading before
turning out the light.

It was a good day.
I am blessed.


  1. Susan,

    I loved reading about your day. Such a simple but blessed day enjoying simple pleasures! Thanks for sharing here...


    1. Joining Stacy in saying thanks - love the view from the window! Simple pleasures are so satisfying.

    2. Stacy and Susan, I appreciate you both. Truly it is the simple things that speak to me. :-)

  2. Lovely day, dear one. Your lunch sounds so delicious. Just the kind of thing I like to eat. Hmmm, perhaps for dinner tonight!

    1. Hey, Beth--you just inadvertently reminded me. I haven't looked at your food blog lately. . . thanks! Always so glad to see you here!

  3. Such a pretty view from your class window, and from the pictures and your description, it sounds like a very intriguing building!
    The photo of your candy dish brought back memories of a similar glass dish (with lid) in which my own grandmother kept anise hard candies. Their wrappers were made of a pretty, deep red cellophane. Mmmm, I can almost smell and taste those candies now!

    1. Hi Silvana. I do like that building. I don't know of those anise candies, but I love the taste of anise! Funny how these memories (grandmothers and candy dishes) can stick so clearly in our minds. Sweet.

  4. Susan, I truly love your outlook on life. Your photos are heartwarming and cheerful. I remember those fancy hard Christmas candies! My grandmother always had something sweet in her house too. Now I keep only until my children - or I - polish them off. Thanks for sharing your day! As usual, it put a smile on my face and made me think of fixing myself a cup of tea. God Bless you.