Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a Little Note

This is my dresser, now used as a credenza in the living room.
I have things on it that make me think of people and places I love.
On the left, is a framed set of stationery that Michelle created as a young girl.
Sweet drawings!
Next to it is Michelle's bird book.
Then there's the awesome signed print I bought some time ago called
"Sir Milton Crawford and his wife Lady Olivia Crawford
return to London after a weekend in the country."
And then there's the bright leaf "color wheel" Melissa created for an art class.
And my colored glass dishes for holding things like keys.

Every time one of your comment-notes shows up in my inbox, it makes me smile. It’s sweet of you to pop in and say hi. I was going to reply to each one of you in the comment box, but I don't even know if you'll see my responses, so I decided to write a little note here. Thank you for bothering to say hello. I should mention that, in spite of this post, I am definitely not planning to start blogging again, but I might put up an update occasionally.

I’m taking my second year of Spanish this summer, and I have just reached the first weekend of a three week term (we’re doing the work of 11 weeks of normal-semester work in three weeks, so the pace is intense). After this final summer term, I will have a two week break before fall term begins.

Today my brain is tired, so I thought I’d putter around the apartment for awhile and perk it up a bit. I moved in during the first summer term, and I haven’t yet really settled things into place. Everything is put away, but it’s not yet put away well. I’ll give attention to that later. I literally cut my possessions at least in half (again) when I moved here. I'm getting free-er and free-er! :-) We are a little bit cosier when the grandkids (and their parents) come for a visit, but we don't care.

My grandkids are growing, and I have a blast with them. Last time they visited, they helped me make Chicken Tikka Masala, and we made a huge mess, and it took a long time, but  the end result was delicious. Every time I'd move across the kitchen to work on another task, little hands and legs would push chairs across the floor so that they could climb on up to help me. What they really liked was helping to make the strawberry shortcake, especially whipping the cream with the old manual stand-up beater. The other favorite kitchen task for every single one of those grandkids was grinding salt in the mortar and pestle. Wow. You have never seen such finely ground (unusable) salt in your life! It was like fairy dust, ready to float away.

A really great book about food and cooking that I'm reading is An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. I highly recommend it if you are interested in becoming a more intuitive, creative cook who eliminates all waste in the kitchen. It's about simplicity and grace in cooking. The book is very well written, and I think it's inspiring.

I’ll put up a few pictures of things as they are (sort of) right now (my camera batteries need recharging or I’d take fresh pictures today). This tiny apartment is not a nice apartment, but it has some pleasant things about it, like wood floors and sufficient windows. I’ve taken only a few pictures, and they actually aren't great photos, but since some of you have written to ask for photos, here they are (sorry for the rerun to those of you who have already seen these):

 Evening in the living room.
This looks and feels like autumn light, and I suppose this is apt
because the air today feels very much like autumn air.
Warm, crisp, breezy, invigorating.
Makes me want to make soup!
But it's actually too warm for that. I can wait.

The front (and only!) door. Evening again.
This is to give perspective on the size (very small) and shape of the room. 
There are my two--only two now!--bookshelves on the left. 

I bought this chair at Goodwill when I lived in the High Desert.
Then it sat in Aaron's apartment. Now it's in mine.
I love this chair. It's decades old but is in brand-new condition.

Okay, that's all.
I hope you are very well.

"Today's first lesson was in these little mountain paths.
I followed mine only a few yards further this morning
and such an outburst of beauty came.
You can never tell to what untold glories
a little humble path may lead, if you follow far enough."

(So true!) ~from the journals of Lilias Trotter


  1. I'm glad you 'popped in' to say hello. Your home looks so homely and your chairs look so comfy. It's good to know you're still around. I've always enjoyed reading your blogs. I hope the studying continues well - it sounds hard work. Your grand children sound good fun!

  2. OH thank you so much Susan for taking a moment to drop in! Just the other day I was looking over your past posts and at High Desert Home blog. It is funny how I get this very calm and different feeling when I stop over here. Not sure what it is, but this is the only place I get that :-) I have always loved the pictures of your home. Miss you even though we never have met :-)

  3. Thanks for taking a moment to say hello! It is always pleasant when a post appears from you in my reader.

  4. The BIGGEST smile came on my face when I checked my Google Reader and saw a post from you! :o)

    Thank you for putting up a few pics of your cosy little home. It's so weird because I don't even know you, but I like being able to picture your space when I pop in for a visit to your online cottage.

    Glad things are going well for you and thanks again for the update!

    Blessings and Hugs!

  5. It tickles me pink to see that you posted. Love the pictures. Praying for a lovely fall and semester. God is good!
    God bless,

  6. Thank you for the note and the photos! what a treat to see you in my Google reader.

  7. Susan,
    It's always a little treat when you pop in here. So glad to see where you are and hear a little of how you're doing. Hope the fall is filled with rich blessings.

  8. Susan,
    We are coming out to your area for a weekend visit and because of your beautiful posts, there are several things on our list to see. Wish we had more time to actually get out away from town some, but I guess that from following your writing for so long, I've created a mental picture of Portland area and of the things of beauty I want to see. We are all so excited so have a new adventure.
    Thank you again for sharing your life with us online, through all the ups and downs, and for still sharing the beauties in your life that God continues to give. You have been such a blessing and inspiration to me. Thank you!

  9. I don't know what a google reader is but seem to have a knack of looking you up just when you pop back. Good to see you in your cosy apartment

  10. Such a treat to see a new post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I had the thought to stop by your blog today... And surprise... An August entry.

    This year totally downsized too. Overhauling my eating habits so thanks for the book suggestion. I have 2 book suggestions for you 1. Living a life of truth by Michael Casey ( rule of St. Benedict and humility) 2. to Marry an English Lord by Gail MacCall.

    Thanks for the update!

  12. I think wood floors make any place feel warm and inviting. And the color and your personal accents make your place look lovely as usual. :) Some of my favorite memories of my children are our times together in the kitchen. So glad you are enjoying those happy (and messy) times together with your grandchildren!

  13. I feel like I was just getting to "know" you when you stopped blogging regularly. I'm so glad I left you in my reader!!

    I love your new exudes PEACE.

    Wishing you the best in school and life.

    Looking forward to when you pop back in to say hello!

  14. Dear all, I wish I could take time to write personal responses, but I'm trying to limit my time here. I do appreciate every single comment and every single one of you, and I thank you for saying hello and for your kind words. It means a lot to me. I'm sort of pleasantly amazed when I put up a post out of the blue and discover that some of you are still around. :-)

    I will occasionally, on breaks, put some photos on here with just a few words, but nothing that takes much time. I don't know how often that will be. Weeks or months months in between each visit? I don't know. It just can't be a priority right now.

    But thanks for being so kind,