Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello. And a Link to My Learning Posts

I’m coming out of hiding because I want to share something with you. I’ve always said I was going to compile an exhaustive list of everything I wrote on both of my blogs about learning, and I never have. Yesterday, I happened to see that someone has put together some of those links! (Yay, whoever you are! Thank you. And I hope you don’t mind that I’m putting your link here. If you do mind, just let me know, and I'll remove it.) There are actually more learning posts that I can think of on my blogs, so my new goal is to locate those posts and link them here so that everything will be in one place. I’ll get to that someday. But, for now, here’s that link for anyone who is interested:

I’m moving again. Closer to campus, to a way smaller place. An apartment. I’m actually really looking forward to the move because it puts me on the side of town I much prefer, right in my favorite neighborhood in the entire city. It’s just a few blocks from the university, from my church, and from my favorite natural foods store. Going for a long, hilly, beautiful walk in a natural setting is as easy as walking out the door and down the street. Good-bye treadmill! I don’t ever want to see you again.

See my bookshelves in the photo above? I’ve emptied 13 shelves so far (and this is after cutting my books almost in half a year ago), and I’m taking them to the used bookstore to sell what I can and then donating the rest to Goodwill. I don’t have enough books left to fill two standing bookshelves, and this is just the way I want it. I am lightening my load as much as I can and keeping only what I care about most. Little by little over the last three years my life, my possessions have become fewer and fewer, and I like not dragging so much stuff about with me!

And funny thing, my books appeal to me more now that they are fewer. I had so many before that they just seemed like an indistinct collection. But now, particular ones stand out as special and meaningful again. I want to pick them up and look them over and read them. In fact, there’s not a book on my shelf that I don’t want to read again. That was the primary criteria for making the cut.

"One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach.
One can collect only a few,
and they are more beautiful if they are few."

~Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Gift From the Sea

Well, back to the adventure that is my life. I don’t plan to make a habit of posting updates, but I did want to mention the learning links, and while I was at it, I thought I’d say hi.

Have a beautiful, sunny summer!


  1. I just get a great big smile on my face whenever I see My Summer Notebook in bold in my google reader, meaning there's a new post from you! I've been thinking about you lots lately with the Olympic T and F Trials coming up. I had hoped maybe Coty and I would make a trip to Eugene to see them. But ... not to be this summer. Will you go to see any of them? Hope you are doing well. The move sounds like it will be a good one for you.

    Much love,

  2. Hey there,
    Its so good to hear from you again. Not a week goes by that I don't think about or remark on something that you posted (really) that caused me to think about, do, or see something in a different way. Its amazing how the ripples from the pebbles we've dropped into the pond reach out and touch places we'd never have imagined.
    I loved your comments on your books having more appeal now that you've fewer, and on lightening your load, partly because I experienced the same thing this last year after the tornado, but partly because as I was going through things, lightening, especially the books, I kept thinking of you and wondering if you'd be shaking your head and wondering if I'd lost mine. ;-) Should have known better.
    Thank you for posting the link, I'd saved many of the posts, but hadn't taken time to organize them this way.
    Blessings on your move and have a great summer!

  3. Hi Susan,

    It was a lovely surprise to open my Google Reader and see a post from you....It sounds like things are going well for you and I'm very glad to hear that!

    I always enjoy seeing you turn any place you are living into a home and I hope you will consider sharing a few pics of your new home with us....Pretty please?....;o)

    I wish you all the best!

  4. Just this very morning ~ I was missing you! What a precious surprise to find you here today!!
    Did 'A Pattern Language' make its way to your get rid of pile?? If so ~ may I PLEASE buy it?

    I am so happy you won't have to walk on the treadmill anymore! I do hope you'll have room in your apartment for your awesome green furniture. And your fan. And all your favorite coffee cups. And your green glass canisters. I'll stop now :-)

    Thanks so much for the update! much love ~ Tracy

  5. I'm also glad you can get rid of the treadmill. (I hate 'em!) I just discovered your fresh post because I was sending some young mom friends of mine a link to your blogs. Thanks for the smile. And thanks for the link. And I'll always be happy when you pop back here for a surprise appearance and wonderful words.

    Have a lovely summer.

  6. I was just going to delete your blog from my link list the other day as I thought you werent going to post ever again, and then this lovely suprise! oh do please post in a few photos of your new place... and maybe the odd post! Can't you tell we are all missing you?

  7. Just popped in for the first time in months--what a pleasant surprise to find your post! Blessings to you in your new digs! :-)

  8. OH, Susan! What a treat to see a post up from you! It's good to hear an update. Blessings to you as you move to your little apartment. It sounds delightful!

  9. Same back to you, Beth! Oh, it would have been fun if you had come to Eugene! My sister has tickets to the trials, and yesterday she asked me if I want to attend some of the events--yes! Also, there is a huge festival outside the track with a gigantic jumbotron (?) screen where the public can sit and watch the events going on inside. Last trials it was powered by bicycle. People just hop on the bikes if there's an empty one and power the entire festival. It's really fun to be there. Another sister and I plan to hang out and watch some favorite events that way. :-)

    Wow, Suzanne, that's a big compliment! Thank you. For a long time, I've been simplifying little by little, but books didn't come into the simplifying equation much. I *love* having fewer books. I'm actually motivated to get rid of even more. Soon, I'll have a carefully curated little collection! :-)

    Michele, I might put up some photos after I'm moved in and settled. We'll see. The place I'm moving is definitely not a "nice" apartment, but it has a few things going for it. I'll see what I can do to make it home. I can't take all of my things there, but someone is going to store the antiques I can't fit in the apartment, and the rest of the stuff is going away forever! But, yes, I'll *try* to put up some pictures at some point this summer, but I don't want to make promises because it might not happen. Good to "see" you!

    Hi Tracy! :-) A Pattern Language is one of my books I'll keep forever, so it's staying in my collection. Or I would so happily send it your way! And yes, the furniture is going with me and the green canisters, and some of those coffee cups (the yellow Fireking is going to my son, who has a green one already and seems to like those mugs!). Love to you, too, Tracy!

    Hi Judi! It's a very sweet compliment that you would send some of my posts to a young friend. And it's super nice to see you here again. Thanks for commenting, and take care.

    Hello there "Winterwood"! I'm glad you caught my post! I really can't be posting here except for the odd thing that comes up like the link, but I *might* put up a photo or two by the end of summer (of my little apartment). But thank you for the nice words. Take care.

    And hello to you Anonymous. You made me smile. :-)

  10. Hey, Stacy! Your post popped up just as I was writing the other one. But I can't leave *you* out of my responses. It's super nice to see you. I have you in my reader, so I do keep up on your (rare lately!) posts, which is always sweet. Take care!

  11. so glad to hear from you as well. enjoy summer. :)

  12. I kinda thought that'd be the case ;-)

  13. LOVE you friend! What a happy surprise to find this post. Enjoy your new space...may the coffee be hot, the books inspiring, and laughter of friends/family always around.

  14. I see I am not the only one who checks just to see if you have any updates! :) Good to hear from you again.

  15. I saw one of your old comments and on a whim looked back to your blog and here you are. So funny. I too am reducing books like mad for a future move. It hasn't bothered me at all. I have found some unread ones as a bonus and unless they were too good to part with I have read them and immediately sent them off to a charity shop or a bookshop that buys good secondhand ones. I'm glad you have found a good location off the treadmill!

  16. Susan, I've been praying anytime I think of you. So glad to hear that things are going well. And, yes, it's nice to know that there are others who miss you and check back occasionally.

  17. I don't think I've ever commented here before, but I just want to say I was so excited to see a new post here! I've missed your blog so much!

  18. Yes, so nice to see you back. I discovered your blog a few weeks before you decided to leave, but have come back for your nuggets of wisdom. Happy to hear things are going well.

  19. just wanted to say that your posts have been an inspiration to be as a mother with 5 children. The eldest is 14. It is good for my soul to read your words. I have just got back from a holiday were I read all your home schooling through high school posts. I clicked on the link and happily have had everything sent to my Kndle....happy happy happy

  20. Hi Susan~ I've just had that feeling to pop in and see what you may have posted. Ta-Da! What a blessing to hear a bit that you are doing ok. Your positive attitude is such an inspiration to me.

    Reading through all the comments, it must bring such a warm feeling inside to know that so many people think of you and are praying for you. As you sip your morning coffee and enjoy your morning routine, know that some of us are doing the same, and thinking of you. You are blessed Susan, to have so many who, without daily contact, pray for you. God's peace to you on your continued journey ~ Dee

    PS My new favorite mug "Grandma's are just antique little girls"!

  21. oh my! i just thought i'd pop over here a moment and fill up on "you" and you can imagine my delight when i found that you had posted!! {how i miss you!} by now, you must be all settled in your new apartment. happy for you. the location sounds JUST right. :) {you know my parents used to live in eu. so i can just about conjure up an image of where you live.} but, oh no, i have a note here that i was going to send you in the snail mail but now won't have your address. would you pretty please kindly email it you me??
    dear susan, sending you much love from across the miles.
    i pray all the best for you.

  22. Susan

    I'm amazed and impressed that you managed to cull your books down to that number!!

    Your blog posts immensely helped and encouraged me a few years ago when my oldest was starting highschool, I would often read and re-read your posts.
    We (an awesome team of women) are just about to launch a homeschool High school carnival,
    and I was hoping you would be happy for us to include links to your posts? I realise you are at a different place in your life now so probably wouldn't have time to send us the links, but I'm happy to come over and search for them. You so helped me and I know your sharing would help others.
    my email is aussiethreads@gmail.com

  23. Hi Susan :)
    I just popped in to tell you how much I appreciate your perspective. Now and then I'll read some of your entries,and always come away greatly encouraged. Your positive, contented, joyFUL outlook on life (though I'm sure you likely have your "moments" as we all do) is SO inspiring. Thank you, again. I hope your busy summer is going well. Miss you!

  24. What a fun surprise to "pop in" and find new postings! I've been a reader (hate the term "lurker") since the High Desert days, and I so appreciate the snippets of your life that you share with us. Blessings to you!