Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some of us on Christmas. . .

Our Gang (most of us), Christmas 2011.
At Michelle's and Monty's place.
(You can click the photo for a better view, if you want.)
 I love my family! It was so much fun to get together.
Monty was the photographer,
and I was the one who worked to get the attention of the little ones
so that they would look at the camera.
(I'm not sure how I inspired that look on Jayden's face!)
Hope your Christmas was lovely.
And I hope the rest of the holidays will be, too.
I'll be starting winter term classes on January 9,
and I'll probably put up at least another thing or two or three before then.
For those who asked, I will leave all of my blogs up
and open for reading when I end this one.


  1. lovely family ..
    so thankful you were blessed
    with wonderment and delight.

  2. I loved seeing (most of) your family! I'm glad you all love being together! And thank you, thank you, thank you for leaving up your three blogs! :D I am so glad. I am still looking forward to your (final--Hate that word!:( ) posts. I'm glad you're one of those who don't consider Christmas to be over on December 26. So enjoy the rest of Christmas. It doesn't end until Epiphany (Wise Men's Day), January 6. I also love seeing the bookshelves of a family of bibliophiles! ;)


  3. Would you mind identifying everyone it the photo? It would be nice to be sure to have the right face matched to the name ;-) I have most of them figured our, but not all...

    I been thinking of a question for you & I think what I most want to know is: How do(did)live 'slow' when you have (had) a houseful of children? Granted, I do have a few more than you, and a greater 'spread' - but this is such a huge challenge for me.
    much love ~ T

  4. What a beautiful family. I've always loved the description of them in your sidebar. It's worth it, isn't it - to invest the time to make home. You have been instrumental in helping me see this as a worthy calling, and I'm grateful.
    Any chance of a gentle parenting article/ post? - no pressure though.
    Sandra in Annapolis

  5. merry christmas susan... beautiful, beautiful family.

  6. Susan, I don't want to be presumptuous, but you did say to ask any questions before you turn out the light. So I come with a tentative list. Adtually they are all related to your posts about homeschooling high school that you didn't get a chance to come back to. The questions at the end of the August 26 post, on August 23 questions about transcripts and SAT prep, and unanswered questions in the comments on August 31. I'm still curious, but I know you may just not have time to answer, and I'll understand. But if you do, I will be so grateful. Thank you.


  7. Thank you, as always, Jane. :-)

    Yes, Judi, I will absolutely enjoy the rest of Christmas, thank you! And as to your questions (you picked some big questions!), I am working on answering them right now (but that doesn't mean I'll finish them now--it might be a few days of writing a snippet here and there until I have something to say). Don't expect too much! I'll give you what I can, very much in a nutshell. Unless, of course, unforeseen circumstances prevent me from finishing. (But I want to, and I'll try!) :-)

    Okay, "The Momma" (~T). Here's the photo lineup: front row, Melissa and Roman; middle row, L-R, Liya, Michelle, Jayden, Aimee and Avery; back row, L-R, Aaron and Josiah. Also, your questions align with Jennie's, so I'll try to combine them. (Again, it will be brief, but I'll really try!) :-)

    Thank you, Sandra! I will see if the muse strikes me with something about gentle parenting. I know what I *think* but I need to get a narrow little glimmer of inspiration, or I will get bogged down with a post of bookish proportions, and we don't have time for that, do we?! ;-)

    Amy, thank you. You are sweet. :-)

  8. I love Jayden's expression! And Liya's adoring gaze. Love to you all, and Merry Christmas!

  9. Susan, I will be very thankful for whatever you can do. And I am looking forward to it. Thank you. :D