Thursday, December 8, 2011

Briefly, A Good Day. . .

Up at 4:30 a.m. Decided not to go over my study notes. Just read my Bible and spent some time in prayer. Bundled up in layers of clothing and tramp to the bus stop in icy-cold early morning darkness. Arrived on campus before daylight. Drawn irresistably to beautiful Lillis Hall, all lit up, warm and cozy in that strange light that comes between night and morning. Sat in that nice ambience with a surprising number of other early risers while drinking coffee and looking over my study guide. Then the unusual experience of an almost pleasant, cozy classroom vibe for my early-morning Judaism final. Everyone happy and friendly before class. All went well. Back home by mid-morning. Crunchy steps across a dry-leaf-carpeted yard. Enjoyed the fact that I can leave them there--that last bit of fall color--because I have a gardener who collects the leaves! Into the house for coffee, brief magazine browsing, and a bit of tidying. A surprise drop-by visit from the sister I see least often. Finally time to drag my tired brain into study-mode for my last final. Can't do it yet. So off to the kitchen for homemade biscuits with peach jam. Time to study; time dwindles. Brain full to bursting, but the end is in sight. No thinking about ideas for this final, thank goodness. Just memorize. By noon tomorrow, my brain is mine again. So. . . Studied. Took a break. Checked email: grades trickling in. So far, so good. Chatted with one of my kids on the phone. Drank a green smoothie. Stood in the bathroom over the heater because it's the warmest room in the house. Memorized. Quizzed myself. Paced. Progressed. Took a break. Snuck in a round or two of Spill 'n Spell. Pounded out these words.

It's a good day. I'm so grateful for so much. God is with me. And with you.

Now back to my study guide!


  1. Dear Susan, You were on my heart early this morning and I specifically prayed for your finals (not even knowing for sure that you were still taking them!) (((Love to you!)))

  2. oh yes, He is with us, isn't He? what a great thought to go to sleep with. thank you.

  3. You know you're tired when you say, "Thank goodness, no ideas. Just memorize!" But I liked this stream-of-consciousness account, and also the way your blinds mimic the slats in Lillis Hall. Same idea of a golden light behind them, whether looking in or out.

    You'll be finished in no time now! Praying for your finals.

  4. Oh, thank you so much, Stacy! And you know what? I really have *felt* the prayers of others, so I really appreciate that!

    Amy, I hope your sleep was wonderful. I went to bed early and slept til 6, and that felt nice. :-)

    Laura, you are *exactly* right about the ideas vs. memorization! My brain is tired. But I'm ready-enough to go this morning with that last final, and I might even take a nap this afternoon (something I *never* do). Thank you for praying for me. :-)

  5. So nice to get a peek into your day, Susan. You brought back memories of college days long ago...that feeling of having a mind full to bursting! I'm glad for you that you are nearly done and especially that you are sensing God's presence with you. It doesn't get much better than that! :)

  6. It does sound like a good day Susan - filled to the brim. I am so full of admiration at what you are doing. What courage you have.
    Praying all goes well with the last final and that you will have a peace-filled Christmas.
    So thankful He is with us.

  7. Thank you Silvana and Linda! I appreciate your encouragement. And now I am free!

    Susan :-)