Monday, October 10, 2011

Learning to Love the Treadmill and Killing Many Birds with One Stone. . .

Not a good picture, sorry.
I took it tonight in bad light.
But there's my study hall!

I have always shunned gyms and workout machines, but it turns out now that I have a little gym of sorts in my own house. My second bedroom. As I’ve mentioned before, I brought my son’s treadmill here to insure that I will get my daily exercise during the school year. I started out jogging on it in the early morning because a treadmill is mind-numblingly boring, and it takes less time to work out at the speed of a jog than at the speed of even a very fast-paced walk. It was jog, jog, jog, stare at the wall, stare at the wall, moving always, but getting nowhere, and time ticks more slowly on a treadmill than anywhere else in the entire world, I’m certain.

And then, to consolidate tasks and provide myself with more free time, I decided to study while working out on the treadmill. But jogging and reading doesn’t work well for me, so I began to walk and study instead. I’d start moderately and gradually build up to a very fast walk, add some steep inclines, level it back out, and walk, walk, walk while I studied. And a funny, wonderful thing happened. Time flew! And I began to remember what I studied better. And all of the endorphins, or whatever they are, from exercise gave me a serious mood lift. And I could feel myself getting in better shape. And stress was released. Wow.

I’m partly a kinesthetic learner, so, of course! This makes total sense. The treadmill is a perfect way for me to study, especially when I am reviewing and memorizing information and ideas. Now I hop on the treadmill more than once each day—sometimes several times--but I don't intend to do exercise overkill. I make sure I get one good workout on the machine, and the other times, I just walk and walk at a pace that feels good and fluid and that allows me to study easily. I can walk and study for an hour, and it seems like time has barely passed. I even really enjoy it. Again, wow.

This is fun. Forget the rocking chair. I have a treadmill!

Here's an article I found when I decided to see if others are doing what I'm doing:


  1. Well, I'm glad that worked out so nicely! And I like your little study, whatever the light.

  2. Excellent way to use your dominant mode of learning!

  3. Great idea Susan. I have discovered that I can memorize scripture so much easier while I am out on my walk. I didn't connect the two until someone mentioned just what you've written about. So...I just take my little index cards with me and memorize as I walk!
    Praying all is well with you and that your school term is amazingly successful!

  4. Hi Susan, I stumbed on your Blog 'High Desert Home' and I must say, it's an inspiring read ! It carries the weight of experience that adds much credibility to the wealth of learning principles.Thank you so much for sharing it. I live across the globe from you and am encouraged !! Thank You

  5. Hi Susan,
    I too stumbled upon your blog a month before you retired it. I love referencing it now and again and realized you had this one posted. It is funny, while researching standing desks due to my carpel tunnel, I did hear about trek desks and had a giggle. However, thinking about the kinetic learning... it makes sense. I thought about how studies show, the age old quiet hands and quiet feet at schools, do not work well especially with those children who have ADHD. Movement and learning... thinking out of the box... I like this.

  6. Hi glad that there are people like you who never fail to inspire and encourage other peoples..because of your article, I realized that I should get started with my daily treadmill routine (something that I have been planning to do for months now). First thing tom, I will get myself a treadmill for the home..glad that the treadmill assembly will be taken care of..thanks for inspiring me!