Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new home. . .

Taken very early this morning,
just as the sun popped up over the horizon,
as I was sitting in my own chair in my own living room.
The flowers and vase were a housewarming gift from a friend.

Finally, after two years, I have my own place to live.
It's a simple little cottage, built in 1940, with two bedrooms,
a laundry room, a garage, and a fenced back yard with a patio.
The house is not fancy, but it's cute, it's clean,
it's in a good neighborhood,
and it's much more than I imagined being able to afford.
This is truly a gift from God,
and I am thankful.

The school year has ended, and I will not be taking summer classes,
so my four-month-long summer adventure begins!
I thought it would be fun to chronicle my days
right here for my friends and family.


  1. Oh, yea! I get to make the first comment! I'm so glad you're doing blog posts again, and I love your new home!

  2. It's so lovely, Susan. God is good!

  3. How wonderful! And it's so charming. How do you DO that? Everywhere you go. :)

    So happy for you.

  4. so, so happy you are blogging....I look forward to reading all that is going on with you :)
    You have been such an inspiration to I am a mom of many and home schooling them too.

    your new house is DARLING!

  5. Susan, I'm so happy to see you back. Your posts always fill me with such peace and joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life with the world. I look forward to sharing this summer with you.

  6. I was very excited to see a new post on your High Desert Home blog, and then follow the link here :) I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and look forward to keeping up with you throughout the summer.

  7. Well, I am just so glad to see you all here! :-) Thank you for commenting and letting me know you came by.

    Laura, thank you. The house is pretty cute, but that corner looked especially nice that sunny morning. Most of the house is sparsely furnished as many of my belongings are in storage (I haven't seen them for two years!). But they'll be coming across the mountains in less than two weeks, and then I'll see if I can make a home out of this little house! :-)


  8. Susan,
    Welcome back. What a delight to see a post pop up on High Desert Home and find my way here. I've missed you and look forward to reading your posts again. I am rather jealous of your time in person with T. One of these days, I dearly want to sit down with her over a cup of tea, face to face. And if you were there, too, more the better! Your new home looks lovely.

  9. I am SO SO SO excited you are back!!!! Your blog has always been one of my most favorites ever. I can't wait to read more!!!

  10. Hi susan, I was a frequent visitor at your other blog, though never commented. Your posts and pictures on there always left me with a sense of quiet peace, so thank you for that. I'm thrilled to see you back posting for the summer blog and look forward to reading again.
    Very best of luck in your beautiful new home, may it be filled with the love and peace of Our Lord,Jesus Christ,today and always.


  11. Hello Beth and Laurel! It's funny how *really nice* it is to see familiar faces from my old blog again but in a new place. I'm so glad you said hello! :-)

    Hi Claina, I'm glad you spoke up, too. And thank you for those beautiful wishes. :-)


  12. Susan,

    I went to your old blog, HDH, this morning. My thoughts went along this line....I miss Susan's writing. She was *always* so positive, so full of life and hope. Maybe I'll read a few of her old posts to help me with my focus today. And how wonderful to see that you are writing again this summer!! I am positively thrilled! I have much to do this morning, but I'll be back later for sure. You have such a gift to share and I'm just thankful I get to partake of it! :)

  13. Oh {Susan}, can't say how wonderful it was to see news of a post, there, sure enough, lit up on the google reader, indicating that you'd been by. I echo the words of everyone else in~~how I've missed you, dear precious friend (amazing how much you come to care for someone whose life you are blessed to be able to follow along with. Likewise, amazing, how much you miss them if they one day up and go). And, honestly, without a doubt, it's the brightest spot in my day for sure, to "see you" and know that you'll be around for the entire summer (and, I'll pray, beyond). Like everyone else, I look very much forward to being able to spend time with you again, Susan. You possess the sweetest gift of a sincere, loving and nurturing heart. Your words are always like a visit~~held out, offered up generously~~with a dear, warm, kind and caring, encouraging friend. I sure have missed those visits through those words, from that heart...

    Your lovely new home is already so you, even without your soon-to-come belongings. As Tonia said perfectly, "How wonderful! And it's so charming. How do you DO that? Everywhere you go. :)" My very first thoughts as well.

    Again, how delightful! Welcome back, dear beautiful lady.

    Smiling at you across the many miles (if there weren't so many miles I'd be set on convincing you to let *me* come get you and bring you to my house~~for certain! How special that you and dear Tonia got to meet!).

    Love in Jesus, Jewels

  14. Hi, Susan. How nice to see you back in Blogland! I was a High Desert Home reader, but never commented, and when you stopped writing, I was so sorry that I never told you how very much I enjoyed your blog and how often you inspired me. From time to time, I’ve gone back to re-read some of your posts and have hoped-against-hope that I might someday find you back, and today that hope was rewarded! I’m so glad I checked. I would like to subscribe to your new blog, but when I click on that, it just comes up with a page full of tiny print. Not sure what to do about that, but I don’t want to lose you again. So glad you’re back! Now to settle down and catch up on all the posts I’ve missed so far….

  15. Silvana, how truly nice to "see" you again! This whole thing is starting to (unexpectedly) feel like a reunion! :-) I'm really glad you found your way here, and I so appreciate your sweet words.

    Jewels, what a lovely, long, encouraging note! Thank you so much! Oh, how I would *love* it if you lived closer and I could sit and visit with you. You live your life so beautifully and so full of love and gratitude. That inspires me.

    Namma, I'm really glad you commented--it's always really nice to know who stops by. And I'm honored by your words. Take care, and say hi again! :-)


  16. Oh I wish I could give you a hug. It feels like a long lost friend is back. I can not tell you how much encouragement I get from your writings. Your upbeat and positive attitude along with the courage to stand up and be you are so refreshing.

    If you can't tell by the fellow bloggers, you were missed.
    Hugs to you...Oh, what classes have you been taking? Sounds exciting. I'm thinking of taking a class this fall.

    God's peace,

  17. Well . . I did't know you were blogging again - but I'm so happy to find out you're back!! I've missed you! I'm looking forward to making my way slowly and leisurely through your posts - what a treat!! Thanks Susan xo

  18. Hello Susan, I was just pruning my favourites list and I looked one more time at yours and to my great surprise and pleasure saw your new blog. I haven't even begun to read but am looking forward to this so much.

  19. Dee, what sweet words from you! It's so nice to see you again! :-)

    Same to you, Kathie! Thank you for letting me know you stopped by! :-)

    And, Lucille, I have missed you! It's very nice to see you again, too.


  20. {{{Susan}}}

    I have missed you *so much*! I had HDH in my feed reader for so long, hoping you would come back to blogging. And I've enjoyed reading through Gathering Up My Comforts several times too. But after so much time passed I figured you had moved on, and I had to as well, so I removed the link from my feed reader.

    Then a blogging buddy did a post saying you were back and I couldn't get here fast enough! I am *so very happy* that you are blogging again.

    It's late and I MUST get off this computer and go to bed, but I will be back and I will start reading from the beginning.....

    Blessings and Hugs!

  21. I am so very glad to see you back in the blogosphere. I was a HUGE High Desert Home fan and was just tickled to see your re-entry. Your sense of peace and positive thinking were always encouraging and your photographs have inspired many home projects. I can't wait to go through the posts and catch up on life. Blessings and Grace to you and yours.

  22. Michele and Mary, I never replied here, but I've talked to you both in other posts! Still, welcome! :-)

  23. Dear "mominapocket", I'm glad to be back! And I'm glad you are here. :-)

  24. Hi Susan! I missed the new post on your old blog, since I've been on the road a lot this summer, so I am so glad a friend mentioned your new blog. I have read every single post in the last few days, and it made me feel like I was reading a beautiful book. So happy you are blogging again!

  25. Willa, I am so happy to see you! After all that has changed in my life in the past two years and coming back into blogging with some fear and trepidation, it's just sooo nice to see familiar faces here of the bloggers I followed so closely. I have gained so much from your thinking and writing and love of God and family. You have inspired me in many ways. Thank you for letting me know you came by, and I truly appreciate your kind comment. :-)