Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coffee! (One More Post Before Weekend Company Comes). . .

If you followed my old blog, you know how much I love my French pressed coffee. I don’t always have beans around to brew nowadays, but when I do, you can bet I’m still making myself a cup of morning coffee!

This is by far the most elegant presentation of how to make a pot of coffee in a French press I have ever seen.  It’s beautiful. It’s art.

Click here. Then scroll down and watch the video (but read the post, too). Really. Do it. Even if you don’t like coffee, you might appreciate this.

Notice the “bloom” when he pours in the initial bit of water and then the coffee-water expands so nicely? That impressive amount of bloom means the beans are extremely fresh, and really fresh beans mean really delicious coffee. I get this nearly this kind of bloom when I buy my favorite Stumptown Roasters coffee beans.

This video makes me want to turn on some happy Bach, shine my kitchen, gracefully brew a pot of coffee in my own French press, pour it into two beautiful mugs, then walk off to fetch the one who will be drinking it with me.

Check out the whole blog where this was initially posted. It is lovely kitchen blog, and the recipes are good.


  1. Hi Susan. I've happily wandered over here from Tonia's. LOVED the coffee links. I need to come back to it in the morning, when I'm not more in need of sleep than coffee. =)

  2. Nice to see you back. I loved HDH. Visiting via Tonia as well. :)
    I just moved to the west side of Idaho a few months ago. I understand what you mean about the constant gray and rain. Wow. Quite different for me. But last week, summer arrived here. Though today was rainy again and oddly enough, I enjoyed it and had been missing it.
    Looking forward to reading more from you.

  3. Oh! I am so happy to see you again! I came over from Tonia's and when I got to the 'french press' I thought, "can it be HER??" I visit your old blog periodically to see if you are back to blogging ~ I am just thrilled that you are!

    I suppose now I ought to go read what you had to say :-)

  4. mmmm, i can just smell it now. YOU are the reason we only french-press our coffee nowadays. thank you!

  5. Patricia--I'm glad you liked the links. I just love that video. For some reason, it strikes me just right.

    Kimberly, I'm really glad to have you come by! :-) I hope your weather is getting better. It's finally summer here--just lovely!

    "The Momma", thank you! I'm so glad you came by and left me a note!

    Megan, don't you think there are all kinds of nice things about a French press, including the aesthetics of using one? I think they are beautiful, and they make really good coffee! :-) Always good to hear from you!