Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee-Making is an Art, You Know

First there was this beautiful demonstration:

And now, from the same gorgeous food site (one of my favorites), there's this:

Love these videos!
Coffee trends come and go, and even though both
the French Press and the Chemex
have certainly had/are having their trendy moments,
they've both been around for a long time.
And both of them make great coffee.
I currently use a Melitta  most often because it's the best way
to be economical with my precious Stumptown coffee grounds,
and the Chemex tutorial was great for making coffee this way!
By the way, those Beehive pots are expensive,
but they really do allow for great pouring control
if you are a real coffee afficionado.
Why shouldn't coffee making be an art?!
I swear it tastes better when you buy good beans,
grind them just right, and brew them carefully like this.

P.S. I've only been putting up posts recently because I'm on summer break.
Soon (maybe after this post), I will disappear again. :-)


  1. I often think of you when I make my one cup of coffee each morning. Hope your term is going well.

  2. Love that, Lucille! And, yes, the term is going well, thank you. There's lots going on between school, family, and little adventures. :-)

  3. We use a Melitta too. I'm not as coffee techy as the Chemex folks are, but I like a good mug of coffee.