Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Little Note. . .

Almost as soon as I set my new IKEA serving tray
in the middle of the table, fruit began to migrate to it.

Updated: Okay, you guys! I'll leave up the post below. :-) I really wondered if anyone would be able to make any sense of it. I'm glad you did. And, eventually, I'll go through it and clean up some of the grammar and mechanics messes in the post.

Judi, I'm glad you saw that really long post about high school below because I am going to remove it from the blog in the next couple of days. (I'm just giving you warning in case you are interested in reading it again.) I can't bear to keep that gigantic, hilarious mess of a post as one of the last things I put up on my blog!
I will put up one more post later today with a random stuff (maybe I'll go out with an evening daybook post or something), and it will include more answers to some of the questions that were asked here.

Thanks for being here, everyone, and for all of your nice comments and encouragement. I've really appreciated you all, and this has been fun!


  1. Susan...

    I read your post on high school the night you posted it, and I immediately printed it out and put it in my folder with your other learning posts from High Desert Home. (Boy am I glad now!) I try to read through them every few years or just when needed.

    I can't tell you the sigh I felt when reading your post. You put words to what I hope will be our reality. That high school is basically an extension of how we learn now. I just can't swallow the fact that once my girls hit high school our life of learning has to switch to something dictated by someone else.

    Just wanted to say thank you for typing all that out and giving us a further glimpse into your family's journey of learning. I am so thankful that you are so open to God speaking through you as you encourage, bless and teach me.


  2. It has indeed been fun, Susan. I thought of you again the other day when I heard a song called Farther Along, by indie guy Josh Garrels. Maybe because he lives in Oregon; maybe because I thought the song an encouragement. If you go to his own website, his album is completely free. Just wanted to share. I'll miss you!

  3. Yikes, I better go print that out for future reference. Thanks for letting us know! And, I haven't I've said it here yet because I was struggling with words to convey my utmost sincerity. SO, I'll just simply say, YOU have been one of God's loveliest gifts to me and I will dearly, dearly miss your quiet presence in this place. I WILL keep you in my prayers.
    Be blessed, precious Susan, as you live every day by His grace.
    All my love,

  4. Hi Susan, just a quick note -- I've enjoyed this blog very much. Thanks for sharing your life with us -- God bless your coming studies in 2012. I hope you begin to blog again in the future. I'll miss not seeing you in my Reader.

  5. I'll miss you too, I have enjoyed reading your posts and always look for your letters in my reader. I secretly hope you decide to write blogs again, now and again sometime, when you feel like it, until then ~ You are a blessing. May Peace Be With You Always!

  6. Susan, I am so glad you gave warning about that long post disappearing in a few days. I wish you'd leave it up, because I know many people would find it helpful. You are being way too hard on yourself! But in the meantime, I'm going to try to copy it. I'm low on ink though, so I hope it works. (Could you please, please, at least leave it up till the end of the week till I can get more ink? And thank you.)

    I like your serving tray with fruit on your kitchen table. Did I ever tell you that we have a table almost exactly like yours? Got it for $20 at the local thrift store.

    I'm still looking forward to that last post. I'll save my final good-bye for then. :D


  7. Dear Susan, Please do not delete that last post. I have starred it and already shared several parts of it with my 9th grade son. I think he finally understands what I am wanting from him in the next four years. Tomorrow we are ditching the Ancient History that he has been dragging his heels on and digging in deep in his real interest: Civil War. And, he finally believes me when I tell him that starting a business "counts" for school. Truly, your post yesterday saved us!! Now staying up too late reading your Learning posts over at your former blog. Thanks so much for all you have shared.

  8. Re. the update--leaving the post below right where it is--Thank you, Susan! In my opinion, you made the right decision. And I am so glad. :D Have a great day back at school.