Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally Feeling at Home Again. . .

Do you like the carafe I found at Goodwill?
I do.

Increasingly these past few days, when I’ve walked through the front door of this house, I feel like I’ve truly arrived “home.” The place feels relaxed and comfortable now, like I belong here.

When I lifted the flap of the black mailbox by the front door this afternoon, there was a letter from a sweet, longtime friend, and, somehow, even that made me feel more at home. I sat at my kitchen table and read, laughing and smiling and thanking the Lord for the wisdom and encouragement that was shared so naturally and easily in that letter. As nice as it is to receive an email, there’s nothing quite like discovering a handwritten letter from a friend in your own mailbox.

I think I’ve subconsciously held off entirely embracing this little house as home, even though I like it so well, and even though I recognize it as a gift from the Lord, because I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay here. Maybe I haven’t wanted to start setting down roots only to have to pull them up again.

But suddenly, I don’t feel that way. Rather, I feel certain that the Lord gave this home to me—even if for only six months or a year—and if He has put me here, it is where I belong. This is where He wants me to live, so I shouldn’t hold back, gun-shy about another possible uprooting. If the Lord sees fit to move me somewhere else tomorrow, that’s His business, and, really, it’s only another chance to press hard into Him, to know Him better, and to trust Him more.

So, I’m ready to settle into this place. And just in time, too, because tomorrow, three of us are going to Klamath Falls to load up all of our stored belongings and bring them back across the mountains. And we’re doing it in just one day! The driving alone (round trip) will probably take at least seven hours. It will be a long, full, tiring day, which means I won’t get to visit with any of my friends in the high desert, and that makes me sad.

For awhile I dreaded it, but now I’m eager to unpack my boxes and sort through them. I’m particularly eager to set up the bookshelves and slide my books onto them again. There’s a long, bare wall in the living room that really needs something large in front of it to absorb the glaring light and muffle the cavernous echo in the room! The bookshelves should do nicely there.

One thing is certain—I’ll be giving away and donating much of what I have in storage because if I’ve lived without it for two years and haven’t missed it even a little bit, then I don’t see why I should be burdened with it now. Something I’ve loved about not having all of my belongings around me is the airy, light, fresh feeling I’ve enjoyed in this very uncluttered, sparsely furnished house. I’d really like to keep this place airy and simply furnished but it needs to be just a bit more homey, cosy, and familiar than it is now.

Whatever I end up doing with the things I unpack, and however I set things up, it’s nice to finally feel at home again.


  1. I DO like that carafe. Usually I don't care for the metal on the glass like that, but it looks pretty. I hope everything goes well with the trip and hope you enjoy stepping back in your door, home again, when you're done.

  2. Hope your trip goes well, Susan, and that the old familiar things will bring you a sense of joy as they inhabit your new surroundings.

  3. yes, yes! so happy for you...time for you to have a space to "live" and admire your open-handed trust in Him for whatever the future holds. Can't wait to see some of those "familiar" things in your photos :)

  4. Can't wait for pictures of all your beautiful things settled in your new home. It is a new season of life for you and we are privileged to walk and pray along side you. Be at peace with where you are because it's where he needs you to be. Blessings and Grace...

  5. "I think I’ve subconsciously held off entirely embracing this little house as home, even though I like it so well, and even though I recognize it as a gift from the Lord, because I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay here. Maybe I haven’t wanted to start setting down roots only to have to pull them up again...."

    I can *so much* relate to this because it's exactly how I've been feeling and living the last 8 months.

    Like the rest I am excited to see more pictures of your sweet little cottage. (o:

  6. I am really loving your posts about making a home. It helps to remind me that it is a process. I have a tendency to want things done now, and I am trying to slow down and think through my choices and be more intentional about how we are using our space as we work to repair storm damage. I can't wait to see how your new home progresses.

  7. Thia, yep, I am glad to be back--thank you!--and now I'm sorting through a *whole* bunch of stuff! :-)

    Thank you, Beth. It is fun to have some of the old things around, but I also feel free from a lot of it and will be donating it to others. My old things fit sort of awkwardly into the rooms of this house, but I'm jostling and juggling, and eventually I should find something that works. :-)

    Thank you, Aimee! You won't have to wait long for those photos. You know me. I can't help but shoot pictures of the most mundane things around me. :-)

    Wow, thank you, Mary. Very sweet thoughts. :-)

    "Quiet, Gracious Life" (am I allowed to use your real name?!) :-) I am so happy to see you again! I will need to run to your blog to catch up. Right now, I'm posting from a coffee shop, so it won't be today, but I hope to have internet set up at home before long. :-)

    Michelle, I do know what you mean. I was thinking yesterday as I leisurely unpacked (and have a loooonnnng ways to go) that there was a day, when my children were young, when I could set up an entire house in 24 hours upon moving in! (What?!) That seems impossible (and sort of funny) now. I either had way, way too much energy, or I was way too impatient! (We'll blame it on the energy!). :-) I do like your attitude of being intentional and thoughtful. An old favorite writer said that hurry and impatience are sure marks of the amateur, and too often, that has been me! :-O

  8. Hi Susan,

    I am *thrilled* beyond thrilled to 'see' you again too. I commented on your first post.....I had pretty much given up on you coming back but then a blogging friend did a post announcing that you were blogging again and I could NOT get over here fast enough!

    And thanks for asking first, but yes, feel free to use my real name. (o:

    Blessings and Hugs,

  9. Michele, it's great to see you around. :-) I can't get around much on the internet now because I have to go to a coffee shop to come online, but I'll stop by your blog more often when I can.